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Little Italy is Chef Owned and located in Dyer, IN.  Little Italy features Authentic Italian cuisine, served Family Style.  

Little Italy's Private Party Room!

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The More the Merrier!

Party Room Direct Email:

Our Party Room is served Family Style with a pre-planned menu!  General information is below .  Pricing begins at $17/pp for events with a start time of 11-3:30 and $21.50/pp for events with a start time of 4:00 or later. To inquire about a date , make a special menu request or reserve a date&time please email Theresa at .

Our Occasion Room menu is available for smaller groups that would like to pre-order as well!  Just give us a call or email to inquire about hosting your small or large group with us today!  

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q:  What is the difference between a  $17/per person or $21/50/per person price?

A:  For a Party that begins at 3:30 or earlier, the base cost is $17/pp.  For a Party that begins at 4:00 or later, the cost is $21.50/pp.  This price includes the use of the room for 2.5 hours as well as the full meal.  What it does not include is tax, which is 7% and Tip, which we don’t add on, but rather leave to your discretion.

Q:  Is Gratuity included in the price?

A:  No.  We do not automatically include gratuity, but rather leave it to your discretion.   Suggested gratuity is 18-20% of the pretax total of your event.

Q:  What is included in the per person price?

A:  Use of the room for 2.5 hours, Non alcoholic drinks, Bread Course, Salad Course, 2 Pasta Choices and 2 Entree Choices.

Q:  How long will my party last?

A:  The per person price of your party allows use of the room for 2.5 hours.  Not automatically included in the 2.5 hours are a guaranteed 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes following for setup and breakdown of your event.  Immediately following the 30 minutes allowed for breakdown, the next party host is allowed to enter the room to begin their decorating or the restaurant staff is allowed to start seating general guests.  These time restraints are firm. You do have the option of adding additional time to your party.  The cost is $50/half hour and you can add as much time as your would like.  This additional time must be added at the time of booking.  The additional time charge is added whether or not you use it. 

Q:  30 minutes?!  I need more time than that to setup!  

A:  No problem!  If you are an early day party you can usually access the restaurant by 10:30 to begin decorating.  If you are scheduled in the afternoon or evening, you can add additional time at $50/half hour.

Q:  What decorations are allowed?

A:  We love decorations and look forward to seeing what you can do to make the room your own!  Our only limitations are:

-No confetti or small cutout paper of any type.  A $100 Clean Up fee will be added to your bill if you scatter confetti or any type on any surface.

-Nothing adhered/hung/taped/contact stripped/contact hooked to walls, windows, decorations, screens or curtains.  Banners can be taped to the front of the dessert or gift tables.

Q:  What is the deposit required?

A:  No deposit is required!  We do depend on the fact that you are booking these parties in good faith, and should the need to cancel come up, please let us know at your earliest possible convenience.

Q:  How many people does the room hold?

A:  We have seated for dinner room of up to 63 or we separate the room into smaller sizes based on your final guest count with full room, curtain dividers.

Q:  What is the minimum guest count for a private room?

A:  Typically we require a minimum of 25 adult guests or a minimum guarantee spend of $538 for a small private room.  There is flexibility for this during the week or randomly if the room is available.  Just ask!

Q:   Will I have the whole room?

A:  The full room seats up to 63.  The size of the room you will receive is based on your final guest count.  Parties of 28 or less will have the East Room.  Parties of 29-38 will have the West Room.  Parties of 40-46 will have the Black Curtain Room and parties of 47-63 will have the entire room.   For early Baby or Bridal Showers, we do only one booking per day and allow the entire room.

Q: Can I bring in dessert?

A:  Absolutely!  We can even slice and serve your cake, but please bring in disposable plates and forks for service.

Q:  Do you use Table Linens and Linen Napkins?

A:  No.  We dress our tables the same way as we do in the main dining room.  White Paper on the Table tops and Paper Napkins with our silverware.  You are more than welcome to provide linens and we will use those to dress the tables.  Our tables 36”X36” squares that we combine into the length you need based on your final guest count.  We do provide skirted linen for the dessert and gift tables.

Q:  Will there be tables in the room for my gifts, dessert table or handouts?

A:  Yes!  We have a total of 4 Six foot banquet tables that we outfit with a skirted linen tablecloth.  You can just let us know how many of those tables you would like in the room.

Q: Can we bring in our own alcohol?

A:  No, unfortunately outside beverages of any sort, alcohol or non alcoholic are strictly prohibited. Even closed bottles used as gift handouts are not allowed.

Q:  I have several kids in my party, what are their dining options?

A:  Kids that are 2 and under are no charge, but we also assume they will just nibble off of their parents plates.  If you would like a meal for a child that is 2 and under,the regular $9.95/per child fee will be assessed.  Kids that are between the ages of 3-7 are $9.95 Per Person and can order off of the Kids Menu or be included in the main dinner.  Please specify which option you prefer.  It is not necessary to know the kids orders in advance.  We can ask the day of the party, but knowing the kids orders in advance does make for a smoother service.  Kids Meal options are:  Butter Noodles, Sauce Noodles, Cheese Sandwich, Cheese Pizza or French Fries.

Q: What are the alcohol options?

A:  We only carry premium alcohol!  We have a full bar, so we can customize your party’s alcohol options to your request. You can do:

1.  Open Bar- For $21/pp you can have an open bar option that includes, beers by the bottle or draft, wines by the glass and call cocktails (I.e.  Captain & Coke, Tito’s & Tonic) for the first two hours of your party.  Open bar closes 30 minutes prior to the end of you event.  The charge is for all adults in your group, whether they choose to use the bar or not.

2.  Host Tab-  Guests can order whatever drinks they would like, and at the end the bill is presented with the check.

3.  Limited Host Tab-  Hosts can limit what guests can order.  You can make it full bar, but no shots or martinis; just beer & wine or even just wine by the glass or sangria by the pitcher.  A Pitcher of our from scratch Sangria, Red or White, is $18/per pitcher and serves aprox. 4 glasses.  All guests enjoying alcohol must have valid Identification and will be asked to present it.

Q:  What about parking?

A:  We have complimentary valet Wednesday-Saturday!  During the month of December we will have valet Monday-Saturday.   We encourage our guests to use the convenient service!  Otherwise, our only limitations in the lot is to not park in front of another business that is currently open.

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